15 Ways to Relax in Under 5 Minutes

It’s easy to relax when you’re away from it all on a weekend break or relaxing on the beach. It’s more of a challenge if you’re overwhelmed by screaming kids or facing an overflowing Inbox.

Luckily for you, we’ve found some simple and quick tricks to help you relax anywhere! Try these 15 proven techniques for finding 5 minutes of peace wherever you are.

Finding Relaxation when at Home:

  • TV is not the answer for unwinding! Research has shown that television can provide a short-term distraction fix but contributes to longer-term discontent. Here are some much more effective approaches to putting yourself at ease when you are at home:
  • Turn off your phone and put it out of site. Digital-detox for a while each day. The last hour of the day is crucial – make this period before bed a phone-free time.
  • Listen to some music. Put on any music, classical, ambient, chill out, jazz… whatever you like to listen to and just sit (or dance!) to it without doing anything else at the same time.
  • Meditate. Just a few minutes of meditation can increase your mindfulness. Pull up a cushion and observe your thoughts. You could also do a walking meditation around your living room or garden.
  • Visualize peace. Guided imagery is another powerful technique. Picture a scene that makes you feel tranquil inside and calm. Imagine yourself walking through a field of flowers or swimming in a relaxing waterfall pool.
  • Take a load off your feet. You may not have time to have a bath in 5 minutes, but you can soak your feet. Fill a bowl with warm water. Squeeze your heels and gently massage your feet. Home Reflexology!
  • Drink a warm drink. Any warm beverage without caffeine can be soothing. Try adding vanilla or cinnamon to warm milk or sip a cup of chamomile tea before bed.
  • Get some lavender in your life! Sample a variety of essential oils used for relaxation. You may discover a new favorite, or you may want to try a selection of lavender, valerian, and bergamot.

Finding Relaxation when at Work:

Are you apprehensive about having some downtime during a busy day? It has been proven that taking short breaks at work increases productivity. Here are some other tips to try:

  • Take a deep breath. If you feel tense, turn your attention to your breath. Inhale deeply from your abdomen and extend your exhalations – expelling the stress energy.
  • Change your posture. Scan your body to identify and release any areas where you might be holding on to stress. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and press them down. Soften your forehead and blink your eyes. Rub your temples.
  • Get up and go for a walk. If you can, get outside to enjoy the sunshine (if there is some!) and get some fresh air. If you have to stay indoors, get moving – climb a few flights of stairs or walk from one end of the office to the other.
  • Get some gum. Did you know that chewing gum fights anxiety? A good trick is to chew some for a few minutes before big meetings, performance appraisals or sales calls.
  • Squeeze a stress ball. The next time you are at tradeshow and the booths are giving away stress balls, grab one. Keep one on your desk to play with occasionally. It can help alleviate arthritis pain too.
  • Stretch! Stand up and do a few static stretches. Like a mini yoga session!
  • Smile! Scientists have shown that smiling reduces stress because it helps lowers your heart rate. Start the day with a smile and try wishing your coworkers a cheerful good morning. Remember to smile and look happy when you’re on the phone – this is an age-old sales tactic – the person on the end will pick up subconsciously that you are smiling by the sound of your voice.
  • Laugh! Find the humor in any challenging situation. Share a joke with a coworker or post some funny quotes around your desk to help you get into the humor zone. Laughter reduces stress, loosens up your muscles and even boosts your immune system.

Regular relaxation helps keep your mind and body healthy, balanced and strong. Try out all of these tips to find the practices that help you to relieve your stress and renew your energy.

Happy Relaxing! 😊